My own wellness journey started on a dark morning in 2017 - and by dark, I mean mentally, emotionally, and spiritually... not just the regular dark and rainy weather in Toronto.

On that fateful morning, I woke up after (another) very regrettable night, at my most broken and hopeless. That day, I had to choose between life and death. Or, more specifically, between continuing to drink myself into situations that were getting worse faster than I could lower my standards or... getting sober.

Well, that morning, I thankfully chose life, and I'm happy to report that where life has since led me is nothing short of miraculous. The transformation in my physical body, my mental clarity, my spiritual connection, and my emotional balance is a story that's worth continuing to tell, and in new ways and with new understandings.

Currently traveling and living in South America, my yoga and meditation practice collectively receive at least two hours every day. I am working toward my Reiki practitioner certificate and I have near-future plans to study yoga more deeply in India. I most recently started working with plant medicines native to the Amazonas and Sierra Nevada regions of South America, which unintentionally sparked an interest in learning more about mushroom cultures.

When I'm not actively researching emerging trends and exploring the fringes of all things wellness, spirituality, and self-care, I'm taking ice baths, hosting women's circles,  hiking, and of course, sampling all the best of the food wherever I happen to be. And through all of it, I never forget how grateful I am for the morning that I decided to choose life.



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